Friday, March 25, 2011

Tips to Reduce the Effects of Computer Radiation

Tips to Reduce the Effects of Computer Radiation, Here are some tips to reduce the effects of computer radiation.

1. Keep your distance computer with your eyes, at least 50 cm.

2. Adjust the position of the monitor, so the top of the monitor level with your eyes.

3. Adjust the lighting so that no glare reflection.

4. Blink more often to keep the eyes so as not to dry (at least 5 minutes or so).

5. Use a good monitor filters to reduce radiation. Tips to Reduce the Effects of Computer Radiation.

6. Occasionally menolehlah toward a distant view to relax the tension in the eye.

7. Every 2-3 hours, rest about 5 minutes to prevent eye fatigue and loss of radiation (for example, go to the restroom).

8. If you often use other people's computers with no filter monitor (such as your presentation elsewhere), try to wear glasses with special lenses to reduce computer radiation.

9. Eat vitamin A for your eyes remain healthy. Vitamin A can of carrots, milk, green vegetables, and so forth.

10. It is better if you replace your CRT monitor is thick with a thinner LCD monitors. Because the LCD monitor in addition to the use wattnya smaller (only 60% of the CRT) are also lower radiation. So safer for your eyes.


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