Friday, March 11, 2011

Problem of Obesity in Children

Problem of Obesity in Children, If your child is obese or overweight .... Do not feel alone, .... According to a recent study an increase in the percentage of obesity in children in the world.

Problem of Obesity in Children, What is the cause and how to try to prevent or cope?

Research shows that obesity in children today due to lack of activity in your lifestyle as well as ways and eating habits.

Obesity is a major risk factor for heart problems, high blood pressure, blood sugar etc.. Therefore, parents should think about the health of children in the future.

There is no quick and easy way to help your child lose weight. It takes a long time to change the way of living and eating habits which may not suit your family's habits.

Some Tips to prevent or treat obesity in children:

• Change your LIFESTYLE OUR OWN. As parents we have to be a good example in the application of ways of living and eating healthy.

• PROVIDE TIME FOR THE EXERCISE (activities). Find a likeable and interesting activities for your child and can burn calories a case of: running, swimming, cycling, running (jogging). Do this on a regular basis.

• CHOOSE HEALTHY FOODS. Reduce food "fast food or junk food" that only contains high fat and salt. Reduce consumption of sugar. Give your child 3 meals with small portions and small meals 3 times (snack) with small portions, so that children do not feel hungry. Give drink plenty of water also juices such as orange juice containing fiber is also vit.c, also gave a lot of eating fruits and vegetables. Choose low-fat snacks.

• Change your EATING HABITS FAMILY. Give food to children only when your child is hungry and not because of just want to eat something. If your child just ate and want to eat again try to divert their activities or provide something else, because you know your child is not really hungry. Never eat or snack for watching TV.

• GIVE YOUR SUPPORT. It is important for the whole family to help change the way your child's life. Do not keep junk food, soda drinks that are rich in sugar, high-fat foods (potato chips, etc.) your home. Prepare a low-fat diet and healthy for the entire family. Follow the exercise activity.

• Give PRAISE OR CAUTION WHEN CHILDREN ARE DOING SOMETHING GOOD. Rewards and praise can motivate children to stay on a diet. For example, if your child within 1 week initiative to drink water instead of soda then praise your child, give the gift toy or hobby activities, but DO NOT give food as gifts.

• consult a physician. Periksakanlah your child to the doctor / pediatrician for weight control diets also check badanya every 2-4 weeks. Avoid weigh children every time at home because it may cause stress on your child.

As parents we must do our part to help our children, who only a simple action but provides a permanent change to the way of life, exercise and eating habits in children in the future. All of which are very beneficial for the health of your child in the future.


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