Saturday, March 19, 2011

Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation, Radiation is a general term which means something that is spread towards the outside of a source. Utilization of solar radiation did not cause pollution to the atmosphere. Radiation reaching the earth's surface that is not on reflection, will be absorbed by the earth. In the ocean, absorption is up to tens of meters above sea level, whereas on the mainland, only at the level of the thinner.

Solar Radiation, In experimental studies on solar radiation, we use a tool to measure the type Camble Stokes sunshine duration. It works by using the paper record.

Paper record is inserted into the glass ball lens focal massif on the functioning capture sunlight to measure the length of penyyinaran sun. The burning paper record is determined by the sun shining bright or strong. To calculate the length of penyinarannya we use burns paper record that has been installed from sunrise at 6:00 am until sunset at 18:00 pm.

Radiation is a general term meaning something that is spread towards the outside of a source. Solar radiation energy produces a very large and are found throughout the Earth's surface and can be assured of its existence. Absorption of radiation at the earth's surface causing the surface temperature rise.

To measure the intensity of sunlight is used a tool called Aktinograf. In use we use the paper record that is placed on specific positions.

Camble Stokes is a tool to measure the duration of solar radiation with a specific working principles. This tool has several important parts with specific functions.


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