Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Risk, Risk of breast cancer decreased approximately 30 percent in women with a history of migraine. This could be because the role of the hormone estrogen.

Breast Cancer Risk, As stated by the investigators as reported by Reuters Health Health24. Women with a history of migraine is much less risk of breast cancer than other women.

"We found that overall, women who have a history of migraine risk of breast cancer less than 30 percent compared to women with no history of headaches," said Dr. Christopher Li of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

For this study, Li and his colleagues examined data from the 3412 post-menopausal women in Seattle, a total of 1938 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and 1474 women who had no history of breast cancer. This finding alone has been published in the Journal Cancer Epidemology, Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention.

Li said the reduction of risk is for a variety of the most common type of breast cancer, which is controlled by hormones such as estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. The hormone progesterone is a bit much also contributes to the risk of cancer cell growth.

The role of hormones on migraine
Women experience migraines two to three times more often than men, so it's no wonder migraine closely with breast cancer. In fact, hormones play an important role in migraine. Type of headache that is often considered cruel accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and high sensitivity to light and sound.

While there is no definite explanation why women with a history of migraine had a lower risk of breast cancer. Li and his colleagues suspected female hormones are the cause.

"Women are high levels of estrogen in their blood, have a higher risk of breast cancer," said Li.

Migraines are often triggered by low estrogen levels, such as women who are menstruating. While women who experience chronic migraine have a low baseline estrogen levels.

"It is protected from attacks that allow breast cancer risk," said Li.

Breast is the biggest cause of cancer deaths in women around the duania, with an estimated 465 thousand deaths each year, according to the American Cancer Society.


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