Friday, February 25, 2011

Dangers of Menthol Cigarette

Dangers of Menthol Cigarette, Most cigarette lovers must know that menthol taste give different flavors while smoking. However, a study of menthol cigarette prove two times more dangerous than regular cigarettes.

Dangers of Menthol Cigarette, Research involving 1.700 people of smokers was conducted by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).

The result is predictable with the sensation of menthol cigarettes is much more dangerous. The reason menthol cigarettes make a person difficult to quit than regular cigarettes.

"This study shows that nicotine and carbon monoxide were more common in menthol cigarette that makes the audience hard to stop," said Kunal Gandhi, one of the researchers, as reported by ScienceDaily, Tuesday (13/01/2009).

"They're hard to stop because the menthol makes it easier nicotine effects in," he continued.

To that end, the researchers strongly denied the existence of menthol cigarettes. Moreover, these cigarettes are among the most favored by young people and women. The reason, no doubt, cigarettes have become part of the lifestyle of the young metropolis.

"Manufacture of menthol cigarette targeted at consumers who have limited funds, such as young children. In order for them to continue to 'addiction', although in an amount not suck a lot every day, "said Kunal.


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