Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cataract Age Factor

Cataract Age Factor, Cataract is a disease of the eye. Eye lens becomes opaque thereby blocking the incoming light. Sight cataract patients to be disturbed and may even become blind when the more severe and was not handled well.

Cataract Age Factor, "Cataracts are abnormal changes in the lens inside the eye that was white to cloudy," said Dr Noor Syamsu Sp M (K), MARS, eye specialist in Vision Eye Center, Thursday, March 10.

The cause of turbidity that occurs in the eye lens can vary, can occur due to the hydration (addition of a liquid lens), lens or protein denaturation can also result from both. Usually about two eyes and walked progressive.

Syamsu added, most cataracts occur due to aging or aging, but cataracts can also be caused by several other risk factors, such as eye injury, metabolic disease (eg diabetes) and certain medications.

Symptoms of cataract disease is usually a decrease in the ability of complaints that occur in a progressive vision (such as progressively worsening nearsightedness). Misty vision as if the pupils saw the smoke and whitish in color. Furthermore, if the cataract has been getting worse, pupils will look really white, so that the light reflex of the eye becomes negative.

If the cataract is not treated immediately and left, it would obviously interfere with the ability to see and possibly also can cause complications in the form of glaucoma and uveitis.


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