Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recognize the Impact of Nuclear Power Radiation

Recognize the Impact of Nuclear Power Radiation, A number of countries neighboring Japan, is now haunted by the fear of nuclear raduasi affected due to leakage of nuclear power plants in Fukushima. What kind of impact on human health?

Recognize the Impact of Nuclear Power Radiation, Nuclear radiation exposure that produces a very high radioactive substances that can trigger a number of health problems like hair loss, nerve cell death, seizures and sudden death, circulatory disorders, heart disease, and damage the reproductive system.

Naturally, the human body has mechanisms to protect themselves from cell damage from radiation and other harmful chemicals pejanan. However, as quoted by FoxNews, radiation at a certain level can not be tolerated by the body through the mechanism.

FoxNews health editor of Health, Dr Manny Alvarez said there are three factors that influence the impact of nuclear radiation. All three include the total radiation that dipejankan, how close to the source of radiation, and the last is how long the victim terpejan by radiation.

The three factors that will determine what the impact will be felt by victims. High radiation can directly trigger a direct impact moment can be known, while radiation can trigger unconscious long-term effects are usually even more dangerous.

Momentary or short-term impact due to high radiation in the vicinity of nuclear reactors, among others, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and fever.

Meanwhile, the emerging impact of exposure to nuclear radiation for a few days in between dizziness, eye dizzy, disoriented or confused determine the direction, weak, tired and seemed lethargic, hair loss and baldness, vomiting blood or blood stools, low blood pressure and hard to heal wounds.

Besides having a momentary effect, the radiation on the human body will provide long-term effects of chronic alias of nuclear radiation.

Generally it is triggered by low levels of radiation that is not realized and are not anticipated until the years. Some of the lethal effects due to long-term exposure to nuclear radiation include cancer, premature aging, nervous system and reproductive disorders, and genetic mutations.

According to Professor Donals Olander, a nuclear expert at the University of California, Berkeley, explains, usually the effects of this radiation depends on grade and type of substance radiaktifnya.

Prevention of food supply
The explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi has demonstrated radiation effects on food supply that comes from Japan. Some countries such as China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries have made precautions by checking the level of Japanese imports of food contamination.

Radioactive particles, he said, then would directly or indirectly to bring influence to humans if they eat foods made from ingredients such as dairy products and meat from animals that consume plants and water that has been contaminated.

Vice President Industrial Practice, Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan says Satish Lele, a nuclear explosion would release radioactive particles into the atmosphere and this will contaminate the surface of the particle where it is and will befall the agricultural land of fruit and vegetable crops, grazing land and water resources.

"A number of consumers concerned about food security of Japan after the release of radioactive particles. They have asked for an explanation to local retailers about the safety of agricultural food and dairy products imported from Japan," said Satish through a written statement in Jakarta, some time ago.

Meanwhile, Singapore will test the radiation levels of food imported from Japan, while Taiwan plans to follow the action of other pascaledakan in nuclear power plants in Japan.

"As a precautionary measure, the Agency of Agriculture Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) will oversee the product from Japan and the possible risk of contamination" AVA said in a statement.


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