Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modes of Transmission of Swine Flu

Modes of Transmission of Swine Flu, Modes of transmission and incubation period of swine flu swine flu, swine flu influenza is a disease caused by influenza A virus subtype H1N1 can be spread by animals, especially pigs, and there is a possibility of transmission between humans. The main transmission mode-virusinfluenza viruses, including swine flu, is from person to person through droplets, coughing and sneezing. If the patient is coughing or sneezing influenza, the viral particles of influenza A (H1N1) spread through the air into the mouth and airways of people who are close by.

Or if we touch these particles, either in air or in place of the existing particle coughing, sneezing, and then touching the mouth or nose before washing hands. Learning from the experience of human flu and bird flu and swine flu that infect humans, we do need to be alert, but people did not need to panic. Pandemiinfluenza not exist today. But the government, health departments and agencies and relevant community (physicians, veterinarians, breeders) would have to prepare ourselves.

Modes of Transmission of Swine Flu, We need a powerful drug for influenza. Efforts of the most important thing is prevention. It is important to find a vaccine to protect humans from possible transmission of bird flu. In addition, it is necessary tactical steps that can be localized for the case of the flu, so did not get to spread Therefore, the government seems to need to prepare sets of rules more clear and firm about the people and locations that allowed raising pigs and poultry and to apply them firmly. The community should also assist with consciously, not raise pigs and poultry in the neighborhood.

Period inkubasiflu pigs 3 to 5 days


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