Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adolescent Reproductive Health

Definition Adolescent Reproductive Health
According to WHO's reproductive health is a state of physical, mental and social whole, not just freedom from disease or disability in all aspects related to the reproductive system, functions and processes. Or a situation where people can enjoy her sex life and be able to perform the function and reproductive processes in a healthy and safe. Adolescent Reproductive Health.

Adolescent Growth
Differentiated in adolescence:
Early adolescence, 10-13 years old.
Middle adolescence, 14-16 years old.
Late adolescence, 17-19 years old.
Physical growth in adolescent girls:

Starting menstruation.
Enlarged breasts and buttocks.
Enlarged ovaries.
Skin and hair oily and acne grow.
Vaginal discharge.
Started to grow hair in the armpits and around the vagina.
Taller body.
Physical changes that occur in adolescent boys:

There is a change form the large and steady voice.
Grow feathers around the armpits and genitals.
Grow a mustache.
Having a wet dream.
Growing Adam's apple.
Shoulder and chest getting bigger and the field.
The penis and testicles enlarge.
Psychological changes also occur either in young women and teenage boys, experiencing changes in emotions, thoughts, feelings, social and environmental responsibility, namely:

Teenagers prefer to gather outside the house with his group.
Teens more often denied or violated the rules of their parents.
Teenagers want to stand out or even close down.
Teenagers did not consider the well becomes very dependent on the group.

The above causes adolescents to be more easily influenced by negative things from his new environment.


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