Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural Body Resistance (Innate Immunity)

Natural Body Resistance (Innate Immunity), Resilience of the body that are natural (innate immunity), since the human / individual born, in the body has been equipped with a set of immune system that are ready to face an attack. The immune system include the following:

Natural Body Resistance (Innate Immunity), Characteristically Physical Resilience Body
1. Leather. Leather is one of the first barrier of the body to protect itself from attacks originating from outside the body. Therefore, if there is widespread damage to the skin, the body will not be able to protect themselves, so that the person will easily become infected and often brings death.

2. Cilia. Cilia are hair cells that act to sweep or prohibit the pathogen enters the body. Therefore, if there is disruption of ciliated cells, such as the genital system or respiratory system, then the person concerned is very easy to become infected.

3. Mucous membranes. Mucous membrane is a material formed or secreted by the set to protect themselves from pathogens that enter the body. Conceptually, this mucous membranes in addition to containing a proteolytic enzyme to kill the pathogens that enter the body, also serves to protect the direct contact between the membranes of cells with pathogens.

Characteristically Cellular Resilience Body
1. Phagocytes. These cells contribute to memfagositosis any pathogens that enter the body. Often this sets ability to perform phagocytosis is influenced by factors of complement. Examples of phagocytes, including monocytes, and neutrophils (polymorforfonuclear / PMN).

2. NK cells. NK cells (Natural Killer cells) are the natural killer cells, which have the ability to kill abnormal sets (sets that have mutations) and sets that are infected by the virus.

Characteristically Resilience Body Solution
Resilience is the body that this solution can be divided into two, namely as follows:
1. Resilience of the body that are biochemical. Examples include gastric acid, lysozyme, and lactoferrin. It is known that the food consumed by humans of course, many contain pathogenic microorganisms. If these pathogenic microorganisms enter the body, it can arise a disease. To prevent this, stomach acid is one of the leading defense that play a role in killing pathogens that enter through food. Lysozyme is a proteolytic enzyme produced by cells and stored in the sac lysosomes. Lysozyme plays a role in killing pathogens inside the cell, which has difagositosis pathogens by phagocytes.

2. Humoral immune nature. Humoral immune nature can be a complement and C-reactive protein (CRP). Both materials are produced by liver cells because the stimulation proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF-a and IL-6. This material is a very important role in inflammatory reactions such as opsonisasi and dilation of blood vessels.


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