Saturday, March 19, 2011

Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Overcome Premature Ejaculation, Sexual harassment is quite a lot of experienced men in addition to erectile dysfunction is premature ejaculation (Edi). Unpreparedness in sexual intercourse, be one contributing factor. No wonder, if many men who do not realize that he had Edi.

Overcome Premature Ejaculation, Sexual intercourse that takes readiness. Not only physical but also mental problems. Premature ejaculation is because men are not ready for sex. Because the disease is associated with the nervous system. In older people, generally because of the ability to control ejaculation nerves are disrupted, \ "said Dr. Dr. A Wardihan Sinrang, MS to Dawn in his office at the Rectorate Unhas, Wednesday, June 14.

Men usually do not understand and just complain about problems that are too rapid ejaculation. In fact, it has a sexual disorder. Basically, the man who Edi, could erections and have sex but yes it was, too fast ejaculation (reaching the top and remove the sperm).

Edi, Wardihan said, is the inability to control ejaculation so that happen in a short time, that does not comply with her wishes. In fact there is an ejaculation, while penis not had time to penetrate into the vagina. In erectile dysfunction, sexual intercourse can not take place because the erection disturbed. Even if related, but the erection is lost.

There are several theories as causes of premature ejaculation. First, the habit of reaching orgasm and ejaculation in a hurry before. Second, the lack of functioning of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that functions of inhibiting ejaculation. Third, interference control ejaculation nerves that govern events. Men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation in general. Conversely, men with premature ejaculation may eventually have erectile dysfunction.

Edi said weight, if ejaculation occurs so that direct the penis touching the outside of the female genitals. Even a small man with severe premature ejaculation is ejaculation before his penis touches the outer female genitals. But men who have no means edi impaired sperm.

To fix this, can do sex therapy. Or by using medication to control ejaculation. Sex and drug therapy gives good results. Sex therapy can be done on the help of his wife. How, wife to husband edi masturbate with husband lying supine position, until the husband feel like orgasm and ejaculation.

Or, when the husband feels like orgasm and ejaculation, the wife did the penis with an emphasis on using the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, for a few seconds to prevent the occurrence of ejaculation.

It could also, wife to husband to masturbate erection sufficient occur, then immediately put it into the vagina in a position above the wife without the motion. When her husband was going to ejaculate, the wife immediately lifted her and made an emphasis on the penis.


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