Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spinach and Corn Overcome Cataract

Spinach and Corn Overcome Cataract, Food is good for the eyes was not only rich in vitamin A alone. Citrus and guava are rich in vitamin C also plays an important role to avoid the eyes of cataract you know!

Spinach and Corn Overcome Cataract, Whenever asked, what foods are good for the eyes must answer is carrots and tomatoes. With the excuse that it is definitely bring the two vegetables are good sources of vitamin A for healthy eyes. In fact, to maintain eye health includes not only food with vitamin A alone, but also containing vitamin C and vitamin E.

Vitamin A is in the can of carrots and tomatoes is to keep the eye from the drought or the so-called Xerophthalmia. Also, it can slow the progression of cataracts as they age. In addition to carrots and tomatoes, vitamin A can be from the liver, butter, and other foods that contain carotenoids.

Lutein and zeaxanthin (carotenoids type) are also very help maintain the health of the retina. Sources of lutein and zeaxanthin are green leafy vegetables like spinach. In addition, corn was a high source of lutein. In addition to vitamins A, C vitain also good to maintain eye health.

Content of antioxidants work better to keep the retina and optic nerve strengthen and prevent cataracts. If you are a peroko, drinkers, or people with diabetes, intake of vitamin C you need more than normal people. Because usually those who have problems diabtes, smokers, and drinkers have a lower vitamin C.

Sources of vitamin C not only from the orange, but it can also be obtained from guava, fruits, berries, peppers, potatoes, and also other tropical fruits.

Selenium, a mineral species is important for eye health. Selenium helps the body absorb vitamin E with a well so the body can make its own antioxidants. Zinc is a mineral that helps the body absorb vitamins A very good and reduce the amount of free radicals in the body.

Zinc also helps protect the eyes against night blindness, or night blindness. Vitamin E, selenium, and zinc can you get from whole grains, nuts, and seafood. Well, so keep your eye health in good shape in old age will make sure the intake of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C is enough since this time.


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