Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nuclear Power Radiation Effects on Food

Nuclear Power Radiation Effects on Food, Excessive anxiety of radiation contamination in food packaging could be an adverse impact on food preservation by irradiation technology (food irradiation).

Nuclear Power Radiation Effects on Food, Josephson (1983) in his "An Historical Review of the Food irradiation" in the Journal of Food Safety said the use of gamma radiation to preserve food with doses above 10 kGy (kilogrey) has been going on food product packaging.

Although the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 2003 has been declared on food irradiation above 10 kGy dose is permissible, the Government of Indonesia still requires food safety tests when the product will be commercialized and consumed by the public.

In some developed countries, patients who had just finished an operation because the body's immune power is still low and isolated from normal conditions recommended eating highly nutritious foods that are sterilized by various techniques, including radiation.

Fast food high nutrition in the packaging laminate is sterilized with radiation technique height of 45 kGy dose and combined with low temperatures can be applied to meet the nutritional intake.

So far, research in a number of universities in Indonesia have developed a technique of irradiation on grain and dairy products, fruits, meat, Pepes goldfish, and others. Research results can be used to improve the quality of hygiene and durable power of food.


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