Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lupus Disease

Lupus Disease is a deadly new disease is equivalent to cancer. Not a few pengindap disease is beyond help, the world's cheap Prescription drugs detected Without Prescription persons with lupus disease reached 5 million people, more than 100 thousand new cases occur each year.

Lupus Disease, Lupus own sense of the word in Latin means "coyotes." This term began to be known about a century ago. Initially, this disease thought to have a skin disorder, in the form of redness around the nose and cheek. Red blotches on the face and arms, heat and prolonged fatigue, hair loss, swollen joints and often arise sprue. This disease not only attacks the skin, but also can affect almost every organ in the body.

The symptoms of the disease known as Systemic Lupus Eritomatosus (LES) aka Lupus. Eritomatosus means reddish. whereas significant systemic spread control every aspect of the organs. The term is called SLE or lupus. The symptoms which are common are:

The skin is easily burned by the sun and the incidence of digestive disorders.
Symptoms generally sufferers often feel weak, excessive fatigue, fever and sore. This phenomenon is mainly observed in the active period, whereas during remission (inactive) disappeared.
In the skin, red rash will appear which runs on both cheeks, like a butterfly. Sometimes called (butterfly rash). However, red rash resembling discs can appear in the skin throughout the body, prominent and sometimes scaly. Seeing the many symptoms of this disease, the woman who was attacked by two or more symptoms alone, should be suspected of suffering from Lupus.
Anemia caused by red blood cells are destroyed by disease this LUPUS
The hair is often loss and excessive fatigue

Dr. Rahmat Gunadi of Fak. Medicine Padjadjaran University / RSHS explain, lupus is a disease in which immune system tissue in the body is considered a foreign object. The reaction of the immune system can about the various systems of organs such as skin tissue, muscle, bone, kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular system, lungs, lining of the lungs, liver, digestive system, eyes, brain, and blood vessels and cells blood cells.

"The disease can be about all walks of life, 1-5 people among 100,000 people, and genetics, can be derived. Women 60-10 times more frequently than men, especially at the age of 15-40 years. African and Asian nations are more vulnerable than whites. And of course, family Odapus. The emergence of this disease because of the sensitivity factors and trigger factors of the infection, drug use, exposed to sun exposure, use of birth control pills, and stress, "he said. This disease affects women it is most productive age until the age of 50 years although there are also men who experience it. Therefore considered to be suspected of this disease associated with hormone estrogen.

In the pregnancies of women who suffer from lupus, often estimated to be related to pregnancy that causes abortion, fetal development disorders or even baby died at birth. But the opposite is also possible or even worsen geja LUPUS. Lupus symptoms appear frequently encountered during pregnancy or after childbirth.

The body has immunity to attack the disease and maintain good health. However, in this disease actually attacks the body's immune organs are healthy. Lupus Disease allegedly related to excessive immunological system. In one's body that functions contained antibodies that will attack the source of the disease entered the body. Uniquely, this lupus antibodies produced in the body appears excessive. As a result, the antibodies actually attack the cells of a healthy organ tissue. The disorder is called autoimmunity. This excess antibodies, can go into the entire network in two ways:

First, antibodies can directly attack this strange body tissue, such as in red blood cells that cause the cells will be destroyed. This is what lead to sufferers of red blood cell deficiency or anemia.

Second, antibodies can be joined with antigens (substances stimulating the formation of antibodies), forming a bond called imun.Gabungan antibody and antigen complex flow with blood, until caught in the capillaries will cause inflammation. Under normal circumstances, this complex will be limited by inflammatory cells (phagocytes) However, in abnormal circumstances, this complex can not be restricted to the well. In fact, inflammatory cells had increased a lot, taking out the enzyme, which causes inflammation around the complex. As a result, the inflammatory process will be prolonged and will damage the internal organs and interfere with its function. Furthermore, it will be seen as symptoms of the disease. If this happens, then the long-term organ function will be disrupted.

Complete healing of this disease, it seems difficult. Doctors focus more on medicine right sementara.Lebih focused on preventing the spread of disease and do not attack the body's vital organs.


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