Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Respiratory System Diseases

Respiratory System Diseases, The respiratory system can experience a variety of disorders, either because of disorders of the respiratory system or due to bacterial infection. Several types of disorders include:

Respiratory System Diseases, -Asma breath, airway narrowing due to smooth muscle forming the channel walls continue to contract, due to allergies or lack of adrenal hormones.
-Asfiksi, impaired oxygen transport and utilization by the network due to drowning, pneumonia, CO poisoning.
-acidosis, due to elevated levels of carbonic acid and bicarbonate in the blood acid
Adenoid-face (face stupid), airway narrowing due to swelling of lymph glands (polyps), swelling in the throat (tonsils).
-pneumonia, pneumonia due to bacterial infection Diplococcus pneumonia.
-Diphtheria, blockage of the pharynx / larynx by slime due to bacterial infection of Corynebacterium diphteriae
-Emphysema, lung ballooned due to excessive expansion of the alveoli.
-Tuberculosis (TB), lung diseases due to bacterial infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosa.
-Inflammation of the respiratory system:

bronchitis, inflammation of the bronchi.
laryngitis, inflammation of the larynx
pharyngitis, inflammation of the pharynx
pleuritis, inflammation of the lining of the lungs
renitis, inflammation of the nasal cavity
sinusitis, inflammation of the upper nasal cavity (sinus)


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