Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ear Disease

Ear Disease, Ear disease were divided into three groups. Disease outer ear, middle ear disease and hearing loss in old age. We sometimes have a tendency to clean the ear canal into the interior with various tools that are very diverse.

Ear Disease, For adult ears, maybe it's not too risky because the ears of adults tend to be further inside. However, not so for infants and toddlers. This can cause a very big risk.

Causes of Ear Disease
Cleaning with any tool will generate a strong stimulus to the ear canal skin because there are sensitive nerves in it. These stimuli will only push wax glands to produce more and this will cause disruption to the ear.

When cleaning the ear canal, not infrequently in the form of oil that has dirt mixed with the dust that 'caught' it will be pushed into the deeper part around the ear drum. With recurring frequency, the dirt is then collected and petrified. However, under certain conditions, it can close and block the ear drum to capture the sound vibrations from the outside.

Ear feels itchy and without realizing it, we will probe the ear. In some cases, how it can actually harm the eardrum and cause infection to fester or congek medically known as otitis media. Furthermore, if the clogged ear, can cause dizziness, head seemed to spin, and vertigo.

The best way to harden if there is dirt in the ear canal, immediately to the doctor. Generally, doctors will give a dirt-breaking drops carbolic glycerine 10%. Then, sprayed dirt to come out. Usually, accompanied by administration of antibiotics to prevent bacteria that may inhabit the hurt caused by irritation.

Ear Disease Symptoms
Another cause of earache is an infection caused by a fungus or bacteria (Pneumococcus bacterium Haemophilus). Please note if there are signs like ears slightly reddish and swelling of the jaw so hard to be moved to chew food.

The most obvious symptom is a thick yellowish discharge. That shows that there has been infection in the ear. When conditions are too severe, can cause permanent deafness or until the condition of inflammation of bone behind the ear (mastoiditis). In fact, the infection spreads to the lining of the brain (meningitis).

Other ear diseases most feared is sudden deafness. Sudden deafness caused by a virus attack that causes reduced blood flow to the organs of hearing. What are you waiting, keep the health of our ears now!


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