Saturday, April 23, 2011

How Natural Relieves Toothache

How Natural Relieves Toothache, The pain was excruciating due to dental disorders. When experience, try the natural way before giving up on pain relief medication.

How Natural Relieves Toothache, As quoted from, try an ice cube to relieve pain or swollen gums due to dental pain. The trick, rub ice wrapped in gauze to the hand muscles.

In the research by a team from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, the majority of patients revealed that ice massage to reduce the intensity of tooth pain dramatically.

Check out the steps to Relieve Toothache following:
Select the hands that have the same side of the tooth that hurt. For example, a sore tooth to the right, use right hand as well to therapy.

Open your palms, with the position of the four fingers together. Then pull the thumb away from the other four fingers to form the letter 'V'.

Massage the base of the 'V' it with ice cubes wrapped in gauze for 7-15 minutes. In terms of acupuncture, the base between forefinger and thumb is called hoku point.
Repeat the massage it as necessary.

If pain persists, consult a physician immediately.


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