Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Skin Health

Baby Skin Health, Caring should be done since the baby's skin. Because, when adult skin condition depends on the treatment since childhood. One way to treat it is to choose a comfortable fashion, with the material to absorb sweat.

Baby Skin Health, Skin is the largest organ located on the surface which in addition to covering almost the entire surface of the body, also has a function that varies with disorder problems that can be local or local, and can be a symptom of serious illness.

The skin of children and parents as a whole is different. The difference can be seen from the skin cells. In children, skin cells are still close together.

At the baby's skin contains a high lipid levels making it easier for irritants through the skin. This friction occurs among the clothing and skin, or it could be diapers and skin, the selection of children's clothing to be careful. Make no mistake in choosing baby clothes, because it is also associated with health.

Because contact clothing or clothing not only on the hand, but also most of the body, so a skin disorder when no attention to health of clothing, can occur in all parts of the body. As in the chest or abdomen, especially on the close and humid.

There are two main factors to consider in terms of choosing clothes or clothes for babies and children, that is safe and comfortable. Safe in the sense that no harm, in terms of fabric material used, the best materials are cotton, then do not fade because the coloring is not quite right, does not cause allergies or itchiness in the skin as well as noteworthy use of accessories, clothing must not harm the body .

Why baby clothes different from the child or with other adults, that's only because the thermostat (temperature regulator) is not working optimally, and also because the layer of fat that have not been there in the early weeks. We recommend that you wear warm clothing during cold weather and thin in hot weather, and adjust to environmental conditions of children.

Another factor of comfort is the clothes must have good air circulation, not too tight, soft fabric, and can easily absorb sweat. Also, clothing models must also be considered, adjust to the age of your baby or child comfortable using it.

Find a simple model of clothing, with a material that is very safe in children and avoid using the clothes with lots of accessories that endanger children, use age-appropriate model child, not to hinder the movement of children, especially the gross motor skills. According to experts, the factors that cause frequent crying baby suddenly fussy or inconvenience caused by clothing worn.

Standardization is a guarantee that the product is very comfortable Velvet fashion for babies and children, as well as not to cause irritation to the skin.


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