Thursday, April 14, 2011

6 Myths in a Plate of Salad

6 Myths in a Plate of Salad, Who says salad free from the fat and cholesterol? Try it first noticed you eat salad in the lunch menu this time. Is it really completely healthy?

6 Myths in a Plate of Salad, Not a few people who refuse to eat lunch for fear of being fat, rather than choosing a salad instead. But was it a salad may replace the lunch menu? And if the salad is really healthy to eat? Here there are 6 myths about the salad that need to be checked for validity.

1. "Ah, just a salad!"
Many who prefer a salad for lunch instead of dinner and even replacement. The reason is always "It's just a salad", but if calculated total in a serving of salad can contain 490 calories and 41 grams of fat from sauce, sliced ​​beef bacon, chicken pieces, and other additional content.

2. Sauces Salad 'Fatfree'
Sauce or salad dressings seemed visible light, but do not be fooled by a frill 'fat free' which is often encountered when we buy salad dressing. Always make sure the salad dressing that you use does not contain excess sugar for absorption of nutrients from the vegetable or fruit to work perfectly.

3. Lettuce
If aragula and lettuce be a 'superhero' in the salad, just the opposite. Lettuce is a complementary vegetable salad, differ with spinach or other green vegetable. If you are still using the lettuce in a salad, choose a red lettuce because beta-carotene content was much higher.

4. Green is Better
Not a few who say that the greens better, when actually a vegetable with a variety of colors tend to contain high beta-carotene. So make sure you eat a salad that consists of various vegetables with bright colors. Not only the benefits that feels, the eyes were termanjakan of color.

5. Beef Bacon
Avoiding beef bacon in the salad because it is considered as a source of fat? Try to dispose of such understanding. Because the pieces of beef bacon is inserted into the salad a lot less fat content than when you add cheese or mayonnaise sauce into the salad.

6. Organic Salad Healthier
Many believe that the salad that comes from organic materials is always healthier. Although organic materials does have a role to health, but for the freshness of salads it matters who has a role. Vegetables and fruits that are picked without the direct use nutritional content will be reduced. This is why the freshness be an advantage in making the salad.


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