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How To Prevent Disease Cholera

How To Prevent Disease Cholera, Hundreds of people die horribly in Haiti because of cholera. This disease is more prevalent in developing countries the poor sanitation facilities. How do I prevent not exposed to cholera?

How To Prevent Disease Cholera, Cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae bacteria that attacks the human colon and eventually become infected. The lack of clean water and process MCK (bathing-washing-toilet) is not sufficient to make cholera thrives. Habit of eating raw seafood or shellfish immature as well be the trigger.

Reporting from, Monday, November 15, 2010 cholera diarrhea was similar except that a higher level of severity or acute diarrhea. The signs of cholera most common are diarrhea (a waste of a liquid water) continuously, vomiting and leg cramps.

Cholera can be fatal within hours if the patient very rapidly remove fluid that makes dehydration and shock. It is estimated that more than 100,000 cases and deaths occur each year worldwide.

Where cases of cholera is most prevalent?
Cholera bacteria normally found in source water or food contaminated by feces (droppings) of people infected with cholera. Most occur in areas of inadequate water treatment, sanitation and poor hygiene.

Distance of latrines close to water sources such as drinking or river water used for toilets is also used for cooking. Cholera bacteria also can live in environments such as brackish rivers and coastal waters.

Other habits that cause cholera are eating raw shellfish that many in the community in the coastal areas.

How can people get disease cholera?
A person may get cholera by drinking water or eating food contaminated with cholera bacteria. When an outbreak of cholera is usually the source of contamination from dirt (feces) of people infected with cholera ago manure is contaminating the water used for food.

This disease can spread rapidly in areas that have no sewage system and waste pengelohan adequate drinking water. People will not get cholera if just touching.

How long do symptoms appear after people become infected?
If people are exposed to cholera infection symptoms can appear within a few hours to 5 days. But the symptoms generally appear within 2-3 days.

How do doctors diagnose cholera?
To test for cholera, doctors must take a stool sample or rectal rubbed the patient and sends it to the lab to look for cholera bacteria.

What is the treatment for cholera?
Treatment of cholera that is actually very simple to immediately replace fluids and salts lost through patients experiencing acute diarrhea.

Patients can be treated with a solution of sugar and salt and drunk in large quantities. These solutions are used worldwide to treat diarrhea. For severe cases required intravenous fluid replacement (intravenously). Rapid replacement of fluids (rehydration) can suppress the less than 1 percent of patients died from cholera.

Is there a vaccine to prevent cholera?
Currently, there are two oral cholera vaccines are available that Dukoral (produced by SBL Vaccines) which has been licensed by the WHO for 60 countries. One more ShanChol (manufactured by Shantha Biotec in India) and is awaiting WHO prequalification stage.

How to Prevent Cholera?
1. Only drink boiled water
2. Use clean water to cook, wash dishes, brush teeth, bathe, wash clothes
3. Be careful if you mix the drinks with ice cubes do not use ice cubes from the raw water
4. Do not eat raw meat or undercooked seafood such as oysters
5. Peel fruit or vegetables will eat them when
6. Always wash hands before and after meals.
7. Have a public toilet facilities with good waste disposal so as not to contaminate water in wells.


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