Thursday, April 7, 2011

Health Insurance and Life Insurance you Follow what Purpose?

Health Insurance and Life Insurance you Follow what Purpose?, Life Insurance for Business Partner is designed to protect the company's business you have built with your business partners with an effort to continue to run well if you must lose your partner because of risks such as: death, permanent total disability, critical illness and others.

Health Insurance and Life Insurance you Follow what Purpose?, Suppose you build a business with your best friend with both venture capital and business when you are both moving forward, growing the company's assets, then what if for any reason your partner is dead?

Some time ago we had conducted a survey of small scale to our customers and prospective customers about their background reasons to buy life insurance, here are some reasons they give:

because friends or relatives who offer because it does not scorch and money back no investment / savings for old age / education of children to protection and the protection of life, health, and disability because of love / love my family

Think about that answer the most we found at that time, perhaps one answer to them is the reason you buy life insurance, or you have other reasons?

In general, life insurance benefits noble benefits as follows:

Paying off debts that have not paid off when the insured dies
Paying the funeral expenses and cost of care when sick
Ensuring availability of funds for a while for the beneficiary for loss of income from the insured who dies
Ensure availability of necessary funds heirs, exceeding the program benefits provided by government / other institutions
To balance the family budget when the insured dies.

Providing pension funds
Replace the loss of one's income when he is unable to work because of disability

Paying medical expenses caused by illness or accident

Whatever the reason for the background you buy life insurance, we say "Congratulations" because you are protecting yourself and your family from the risk of economic losses due to unexpected risks that can occur anywhere and anytime, it's just that your task now is to ensure return some of the following:

whether you take insurance money is enough?
whether the money your insurance coverage is still relevant to your current lifestyle?

if you have life insurance provides protection against risks that might arise from the profession, job or your daily activities?

whether the life insurance premiums you pay are reasonable?
if you really need a rider rider provided by your insurance agent?

if you take life insurance to support your financial planning programs?

Or are there any other alternatives to get maximum protection with minimal premium over?

For a solution to the question above questions please contact your insurance agent back, sit down together and realign your financial plan and calculate return your insurance needs.


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