Monday, April 18, 2011

Natural Body Slimming

Natural Body Slimming, The slim body is the desire of women, a variety of ways to lose weight, some women used to do it in an instant to cause effects that are not good for health and of course very risky.

Natural Body Slimming, The slim body is great fun, because with a slim body that we can appear confident, but nevertheless you must be careful in choosing slimming methods so as not to cause adverse effects on health.

Here are tips on how healthy way to Streamline Body Naturally? :

In addition to cooking, widely used for medicine, like cough medicine, canker sores, and flu. Citrus fruit juice contains vitamin C, potassium, and folic acid. With a sour taste, lime juice can dissolve the fat.

Recipe: Squeeze one citrus fruit juice, then mixed with water. Take regularly before meals.

Fruit Pineapple
Besides known as a source of vitamin C, pineapple also can cure some conditions, such as sore throat and constipation. Most importantly also, pineapple can help fight obesity!

Recipe: Provide a pineapple that has not been cooked properly. Peel, then rinse thoroughly. For two, small pieces, and create a juice or grated, then squeeze the water. Drinking water pineapple at once, do it two times a day.

Carrot and Cucumber
Carrots contain beta-carotene is known to have many. While the cucumber has abundant water content. Interestingly, both of these alloys was also able to streamline the body.

Recipe: Take 2-3 carrots and one medium-size cucumber. Grate and squeeze. To enrich the flavor, drops with lemon juice. Drinking this juice at least twice a day until you reach a desirable weight.

Other Plants:
Pomegranate Fruit Leaves
Not only fruit that has its benefits. Part the leaves also keeps the good properties for slimming.
Recipe: Take two young pomegranate leaves, wash and finely mashed, knead and add warm water for about 3 cups, mix a little salt, then squeeze, and strain. Drink 2-3 times a day as much as half a glass, do regularly.

Jam as herbs and natural dyes, turmeric is also used as traditional medicine. The main content of curcumin and essential oil, serves to treatment, such as hepatitis, indigestion, anti-microbial, and anti-cholesterol.

Recipe: Take two segments of turmeric, clean, puree, and squeeze the water. Then mix into the water and give a little tamarind water. Drinking regularly.

Rhizome Bangle
Bangle (zingziber purpureum Roxb) is still ginger family, but with the appearance of purple. Bangle has also long been known in traditional medicine. One of the properties because it contains the enzyme lipase bangle, which can be shed and inhibit fat accumulation. which certainly could have used also for slimming.

Recipe: Take two segments of rhizome bangle, washed and boiled. Refrigerate and then drink the water. Could give a little sugar or honey and a little lemon juice, so it's not her nose pierced.


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