Thursday, September 8, 2011


MOM, Your mother's name still hearts struggling to conceive and give birth, sometimes you forbid me to act "weird" is not understandable to me. Now after you're gone I then see what you mean is good for my future. Mother curative friend of all time I trust no other than yourself, the answer is to uphold the moral and the certainty of life you apply to me, which I was experiencing now. I realized you're the one I trust, I used to get angry or pout if you advise.

MOM, But it was too late to apologize I can only pray Oh thank GOD Almighty give mothers the Islamic faith airy streets and roads of heaven thy Ya Allah. Mom, sometimes I feel alone here, my brother was like mensupportku in all things, my husband just took a step forward would understand me maybe he was just learning all the desires and wishes.

Only the mother who understands my wishes but alhamdullilah my sister knows what I want, my brother slowly understand my situation even though my brother is now busy following his own affairs with the problem..


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