Sunday, September 18, 2011

Circulatory Large (Systematic Circulation)

Circulatory Large (Systematic Circulation), Blood leaves the left heart through the aorta porch, which is the largest artery in the body. These arteries branching and smaller relay up to the arterioles. Arteries have muscular walls of the narrow channel and restrain blood flow. Its function is to maintain the pressure in the arteries and by varying the size of the channels regulate the flow of blood in the capillaries.

Circulatory Large (Systematic Circulation),Capillary walls are very thin so it can take place the exchange of substances between plasma and tissue interstitial. Then these capillaries merge to form larger vessels called veins, which later united into veins (vein), to deliver the blood back to heart. This blood through the aorta and its branches circulate throughout the body tissues except the lungs. Inside the network, it releases oxygen and blood to take the remaining substances such as carbon dioxide, urea and others, to further transported to the expenditure tool.

All veins unite and unite again to form veins, namely the inferior vena kana which collects blood from the entire body, and superior vena cava which collects from the head and upper limbs. Both of these blood vessels pour the contents into the right ventricle of the heart.


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