Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Muscle and Body Motion

Muscle and Body Motion, Mythology is the science which studies the muscle. Which we call the daily as "meat" is actually a collection of muscle fibers. Skeletal muscles is one network that has the ability to contract. Approximately 40% of all of our body muscles.

Muscle and Body Motion
, Muscles attached to bones, cartilage (cartilage), connective joint (ligament) skin (integument). Which lies directly beneath the skin is flat, and the length of the limbs. The bones can not function as a tool of the motion if it is not driven by the muscle. Circulation or transport food substances in the intestines and blood vessels, also indirectly driven by the muscle.

Muscle fibers were essentially the muscle cells. Some files come together to form muscle or muscle meat. The central part of the meat is connect, and both ends are smaller and harder, called veins or tendons. Tendon or tendon is attached to the flesh or muscle.

The main muscle function is as a means of active motion, caused by the ability of muscle cells to contract. Muscles contract because of a stimulus, both stimuli heat, cold, and touch others. Stimulation not only one, but a number of successive stimuli. This stimulation causes muscle tension or tone. Maximum continuous tone is called tetanus. Muscles contract because of a mechanical room (massage, pull), thermic ( cold, heat), Thursday (salts, acids, bases), and electrical.


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