Sunday, September 11, 2011

Water-soluble vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins, Source of vitamin C, functions, symptoms of poisoning and lack of water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin C from source: fresh vegetables, fruits (oranges, pineapple, tomato, chilli, papaya, watermelon, broccoli, strawberries.

Water-soluble vitamins, Vitamin C serves a role in the formation of collagen, maintaining the integrity (integrity) of blood vessels, aids in absorption of the elements iron and calcium. Activator of various enzymes modify proteins and fats. Important in the process of oxidation and dehydration in the cells. Keeping your teeth is strongly attached to the gums and heals wounds.

Symptoms of deficiency of vitamin C are: Damage endotil cells, capillaries become less permeable, causing bleeding, for example in bone marrow, bleeding gums. Syndrome known as scurvy, bleeding in the tissues, especially in the joints and gums. Lack of appetite / loss, lethargy, muscle and joint pain, irritability.


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