Monday, September 26, 2011

Circulation Lymph nodes (spleen)

Circulation Lymph nodes (spleen), Lymph vessels called lymph vessels. This vessel started of networks that collect lymph fluid from the cells networks. All the lymph fluid from the head area neck, chest, lungs, heart, and right arm were collected in lymph vessels and lymph vessels and united into united into the lymph vessels or ducts limfakus dekster kana.

Circulation Lymph nodes (spleen), These lymph vessels empty into the vein under the collarbone Right.All the lymph fluid collected from other parts of the lymphatic vessels nodes (lymph) and united into the chest lymph vessels or ducts toraksikus and empties into the veins (vein) in the bone left clavicle. This place bermuaranya chest lymph vessels kil fat or vessels, ie vessels which collect fatty acids absorbed from the intestine. Because of this fat, the lymph fluid color white. Lymph channel system is closely related to the circulatory system blood. Blood leaves the heart through the arteries (arteries) and returned through the veins (venous).

Lymph capillary network of the interstitial space contained collecting excess fluid and proteins are also filtered (Filtration) through a capillary system. Filterasi capillary is then returned to circulation systematically with vesselscollector that is located close to the vein in question.Limph nodes flowed upward through the valve in one direction through the medium offrom a combination of two dynamic effects: (1) press the power externally by muscles and arterial pulse and
(2) peristaltic intristik. Duct torasikus and dekster lymph duct empties into the vein subclavian.


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