Friday, September 16, 2011

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, is made from the irradiated ergosterol. Ergosterol obtained from yeast also during the rest of the industry beer. Similarly fumarik acid production by Rhizopus nigricans was obtained byproduct that functions as the vitamin biotin. Yeast-like fungi Eremothecium riboflavin Ashby a source.

Vitamin D,This vitamin is first discovered by Mc.Collum Hesz and Sherman. They mention it as a vitamin anti rakish . This vitamin can be obtained from the liver, eggs, milk, beans, meat, fish oil, butter, yeast, bananas and egg yolks. In the body may also be formed from the pro vitamin D to vitamin D with the help of sunlight in the morning.

When the body lacks vitamin D, rickets disease will arise. In this disease there is an interruption in the adventures of the body, the bones become soft and will bend, it will be X-shaped legs occurred (kneed in) or O-shaped legs (outer bow-legged).
Vitamin D is useful for:
(A) regulate levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood of children together thyroid gland,
(B) increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine,
(C) the process of ossification (ossification), and (d) affect endoktrin gland.


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