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Cancer Hazard to Smokers

Cancer hazard to smokers

dangers of smoking:
1. Warn us all that harmful tobacco in any form.
Cigarettes, pipe tobacco, bidis, clove, clove-scented cigarettes, snus, snuff, smokeless tobacco, cigars ... all dangerous.
2. Warn us all that the tobacco in the type, name and any sense of equal dangers. Tobacco dangerous in any guise. Mild, light, low tar, full flavor, fruit flavored, chocolate flavored, natural, additive-free, organic cigarettes, PREPS (Potentially Reduced-Exposure Products), harm-reduced ... are all dangerous. Labels are NOT indicate that the products in question are safer than other products without such labels.
3. Demand that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to immediately ratify the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) for the health of the nation. Indonesia is the only country in Asia which has not signed this international agreement.

Lung and bronchial cancer is breast cancer and prostate cancer the most common cancer in Western industrialized countries. After evaluation of the Robert Koch Institute is lung cancer in 2004 in Germany, the third most common in men and in women Krebsneuerkrankung. In men, lung cancer occurs at an average of 70 per 100,000 in women with 100 30 per 000. Regardless of risk factors increased from 35 Age of disease is likely to slow. The average age of onset for men and women in about 68 years.

Krebs is a physician and citizen of Germany and British biochemist Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work in explaining the process of metabolism (especially in finding the urea cycle and citrate cycle). He was born on August 25, 1900 in Hildesheim (Lower Saxony, Germany) from Georg Krebs partner (also a doctor) and Alma. He died in Oxford, England on November 22, 1981.

Cancer Hazard to Smokers, The most common causes:
• Smoking
Continuous exposure of the respiratory tract by smoking increases the risk of lung cancer carcinoma. In men, up to 90%, with women now up to 60% of lung cancers are caused by active smoking. Cigarette smoke or the fact the substance and can damage the mucous membrane so that the degeneration of mucosal cells. Promote About 16% of men and 9% of women who smoke become ill from lung cancer. Risk of lung tumors increased with the number of cigarettes smoked, duration of smoking, concentrations of tar and nicotine in cigarettes and the frequency of passive smoking.

Nicotine is an alkaloid compound found in plants tambakau. Nicotine is a colorless liquid, is a volatile base. Nicotine change color to brown and smell like tobacco after contact with air; levels in tobacco between 1-2%.

Duration is a weighted average of the time against all bond cash flows, which was developed to combine ¬ coupon rate to maturity. The duration can be used as a measurement sen ¬ sitivitas bond prices are more precise than at maturity at a small interest rate changes. The higher the duration of a bond the more sensitive to changes in interest rates. In a large interest rate changes, perngggunaan duration as measure ¬ cent price sitivitas be inappropriate, because the bond price curve is not linear to the change ¬ han interest rates, but are konvek. Convexity is a measure of obli ¬ trunk convexity curve showing the relationship between price and results to maturity. The more convex curve tresebut means bond prices more sensitive to changes in yield. The existence of Convexity of bonds indicates that the bond price changes are not symmetrical with respect to changes in interest rates. Use of duration and Convexity together to measure price changes caused by major changes in the level of results diingginkan, can produce estimates of price changes better.

Mucosa is a layer on the surface which can be in touch. Mucosa composed of mucous membranes and surfaces similar to the inner lining of the mouth.
Unlike the smooth lining of the mouth, vagina have wrinkles and folds.
Layer after layer of it is muscle.

Carcinoma is a form of cancer that most commonly infect humans, growing from epithelial tissues such as skin and lining of the cavity and body organs and tissues such as breast and prostate gland.

The prostate is a small gland of a walnut that surrounds the upper urethra, drainage of the bladder. Prostate function remove the mixture of fluids and enzymes needed by the sperm to stay healthy. Prostate usually work well until most people are not aware of its existence until their 40s or 50s. While some are getting problems when aged in their 30s.

epithelium is one of four basic networks (the other: connective tissue, muscle tissue, nerve tissue). Formerly the term used to describe membrane epithelial clear above the surface of red bumps on lip webbing connector (epithelium: Epi above; Thele lips). This term is now used for all network that covers anything and channel structure.

Matting is the art of knitting which typically uses material from bamboo, rattan, leaves having fibers which can be diluted (water hyacinth, palm leaves, pandanus leaves, etc.) and plastics. Matting is widely used as a tool for domestic use everyday. Matting can be if the tool is still as simple as cutting blades, knives penipis, pliers and pincers murmur round. in making wicker require high kretivitas, ideas, feelings thoughts and crafts.

Doubling the number of smoked cigarettes per day increases, also risk of diseases, from cancer at twice. Double "years of smoking," the risk of five to six times higher. 80 since the year introduced the "cigarette lighter" to reduce tar and nicotine has no contribution to disease risk reduction.

Smokers are addicted to nicotine from cigarette smoke more deeply and smoke more often to the effects of nicotine are desirable to achieve. second-hand smoke is called mainstream smoke (the amount of smoke, the final breath of smoke) to about 20% and side stream smoke (smoke from cigarette smoke) to approximately 80% affected. It's very rich sidestream smoke carcinogens and toxic substances.

Alkaloids are a class of compounds that most of heterocyclic nitrogenous bases and contained in the plants (but this does not exclude compounds derived from animals). Amino acids, peptides, proteins, nukleotid, nucleic acids, amino sugars and antibiotics are usually not classified as alkaloids. And the same principle, neutral compounds that are biogenetik related alkaloids including digolongan this.


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