Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair Care Tips for Men

Hair Care Tips for Men, Here are tips that we collected from a number of renowned hair stylist about hair care should be performed by men.

* Cut your hair once a month. Men's hair tends to spread sideways, making cheekbones and chin 'sunset' in it, better make sure you shave at least six weeks.

* Forms of haircuts in the back should follow the shape of the head. Shaving the hair on the neck will also make you more tidy appearance, which will display your jaw line more clearly.

* Always use a conditioner after washing hair. Conditioner will 'mengempeskan' hair cuticles, so that cuts your hair will be more clearly visible. In addition, balancing the condition of hair conditioner too - because shampoo is acidic, while the conditioner is usually alkaline.

* If you want to highlight your hair, do not choose a color that is too glaring. Preserve the original color and ask the hairdresser to highlight areas that ordinary sunlight. Remember also, black or dark hair, when highlighted will give the results of redness, not blonde.

* One more thing that should not be forgotten when you paint or highlight your hair, always use a special hair care products for colored hair - which usually contain more conditioners to cope with dry hair because the chemicals in dyes and sunscreen agents (recall sunlight usually describes hair dye and damage the hair texture.)

* If you want to cover gray hair, you should be careful when deciding to paint their own hair at home. Even natural hair dyes also varied range of color. You should see a professional stylist to consult first. Do not be, rather than cover up gray hair, you actually will look like it had been highlighted.

* Because the cost of the salon hair care is now quite expensive, especially to highlight or hair paint, make sure you get the benefits commensurate with the money you spend. Usually they provide free consultation for hair cuts and the type of paint should you choose, use this opportunity to ask whatever you want to know, to see pictures of haircuts examples of existing and hair dye, hair stylists and make sure you understand your own.

* They say the most difficult is finding the haircut that suits you. After that, usually you just need to tidy it up once a month by following the lines already existing pieces. And usually, the next piece is faster and less expensive than the first, Hair Care Tips for Men.


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