Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention, As a degenerative disease, is actually a problem of cancer can be prevented and controlled to avoid contributing factors. This is often not realized by patients and cancer fighters. While undergoing cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) without eliminating contributing factors such as bathing in mud.

Cancer Prevention, For successful treatment, other than medical treatment and follow doctor's advice, we should make efforts in non-medical treatment. Efforts of non-medical treatment is what is meant by removing the factors that cause / trigger cancer.

Many of these efforts can be done alone without the need to leave home, and if done really great influence on the healing process.

Among others:
1. Pray to cure cancer

Prayer, sincerity, and positive attitude greatly enhances endurance, so that the body is stronger against cancer cells (as well as other diseases). So, make the existence of cancer patients receiving cancer with a sincere and positive thinking, management believes that the true gift of God is being lowered behind the pain conditions.

2. Keeping the spirit, attitude, and behavior in order to remain calm, not confused, not sad drag on, do not get angry, do not stress. Unstable soul makes the body produce toxic substances, making the body's cells are acidic, and this condition is like "fertilizer", very preferably cancer cells to flourish.

3. Stay perform daily activities as usual.

4. Enough rest and keep eating.

5. Avoiding pollution, cigarette smoke, and excessive sunlight. Sunlight is needed, but just 20 minutes a day, especially morning sun.

6. Sports and live in an environment rich in oxygen / many plants. Exercise increases oxygen levels in the cell body, whereas cancer cells hate oxygen-rich, because he will die languishing in it!

7. Implement measures to improve durability and immunity, if necessary, taking herbs, supplements, or antioxidants. But remember, you must know exactly what you consume: what it implies, what benefits, what their side effects, how measuring, how to consume, and how their interactions with other drugs.

8. Keeping the spirit, not to loose, do not ever give up, even though the struggle to be done for months, or even years.

If all non-medical efforts can be done in conjunction with medical treatment efforts, confirmed the results would be more optimal. The possibility of greater heal, at least the malignancy of cancer cells can be controlled, which means it can be
extend life.


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