Monday, February 28, 2011

Maintain Oral Health in Children

Maintain Oral Health in Children, Teeth in children is the capital for the development of the child. Because the baby teeth of children will determine the permanent teeth of children. If a child has healthy teeth are not causing the child's difficulty in digesting food can cause a child to experience disruption of peroses growth. As a result, children become ill frequently. Therefore, as parents should give special attention on this issue.

Maintain Oral Health in Children, The growth of teeth in children is marked by the appearance of teeth on the surface of the gums and teeth followed by a change in position of the tooth supporting bone to its functional position in the oral cavity. The period of the clinical appearance of the teeth is a sign of a child's growth. One function of milk teeth is to develop a child's speech function. It also plays a role in functions related to cosmetics in the appearance of children. Indirect speech can be affected if the child realizes that his teeth were damaged so that children become reluctant to open his mouth when speaking.

Indicators of oral health can be seen from oral hygiene and the presence or absence of gingivitis (gum inflammation). Gingivitis is an inflammation that involves the gingival tissue (gums) around the teeth. Gingivitis in children caused by the presence of plaque (soft mass attached to the tooth surface and contain colonies of bacteria) and calculus (plaque that has hardened), which is associated with oral hygiene is not good. This gingivitis disease if left will become destructive forms of periodontal tissues (tissues around the teeth).

Dental care in children should be introduced early. Even since she was a baby. Here are tips and tricks that can parents do when caring for the baby teeth.

To avoid damage to the tooth, especially dental cavities, porous, and swelling of the gums, better parents considering the diet of children, namely by not giving a sweet and sticky foods. Because the sweet and sticky foods will react in the mouth and form acids that damage tooth enamel.

Toward better sleep children are not given a drink containing sugar such as milk, juice, or other sweet drinks without doing brushing or cleaning teeth afterwards. Because this can cause damage to the teeth, even rotten to the gum surface.

When children, especially infants used to drinking milk in the bottle before bed to sleep, clean their teeth with cotton or cloth that has been dampened. Or better fill the bottle with water if that child has a habit of holding a bottle or a drink with a bottle before bed.

Attention parents of child dental care greatly affect the dental health of children, especially children who are under five years old. Because the dental health of children under five still need the support of their parents, especially mothers. For it is given early introduction to dental hygiene for instance by providing examples of brushed teeth, or for toddlers to do the cleaning teeth with a damp cotton or cloth.

If the child is already quite large, parents should help children to start brushing routine. How to teach and give examples of how to hold a toothbrush and brush their teeth properly

To examine your teeth regularly to the dentist. Children better introduced early to the dentist, can take and when the father and mother did dental examinations. So that children do not experience fear when faced with the dentist.


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