Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cord Blood

Cord Blood, When certain conditions are sometimes someone needs blood in quick time, like for example in conditions of war. Now researchers have developed artificial blood that can be used in an emergency.

Cord Blood, United States scientists have developed 'artificial blood' that can be used when soldiers wounded in battle. Genetic Engineering of blood is made by taking cells from the umbilical cord, then use a machine that could mimic the workings of the bone marrow to produce a number of red blood cells.

As quoted from Dailymail, blood is made by using hematopoietic cells taken from umbilical cord in a process called 'pharming'. The umbilical cord can produce 20 units of blood that can be used.

Blood cells are produced using this method are functionally no different from the red blood cells in circulating blood of healthy or original. Because this technique essentially mimics the workings of the spinal cord, but the process is conducted in the laboratory.

If this is approved, it could be a revolution in the state of war. Because in this condition tend to be difficult to get blood donors to help care for wounded soldiers.

In addition, blood transfusion process in the region or state of war is far more difficult than usual blood donors.

This research project has been conducted since 2008, the possibility of this artificial blood can be used for the military within the next five years. A unit of blood contains about one-eighth to one-tenth of the total blood in the human body.

Currently, researchers have made a blood 'pharmed' to type O negative blood group which is the most sought-after. This is because blood type can be used for all types of patients.

Blood is a liquid contained in all living organisms except plants, its main function is to deliver substances and oxygen needed by body tissues.

In addition, blood also serves to transport the chemical products of metabolism as well as the body's defense against viruses or bacteria.


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