Friday, February 11, 2011

Diet Soda and Stroke

Diet Soda and Stroke, Scientists from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Miami, United States, find diet soda not only reduce the number of calories in the body, but also reduce the risk of someone suffered a stroke.

Diet Soda and Stroke, Chairman Hannah Gardener study describes patients who consume a can of soda every day can increase blood pressure, triglycerid content in the blood, cholesterol, and widening the waist that trigger a stroke.

Small soda intake, but consumed each day is as dangerous with a high intake of soda consumed irregularly. "Of the patients we check out, patients who did not consume soda potential stroke decreased 61%," said Gardener.

become soda diet soda solution for enthusiasts who do not want to hoard a lot of calories. But behind this benefit is another danger threatens. According to a recent study, a diet soda you drink each day can boost risk of stroke.

"In our study, we saw a significant increase in risk among those who drink diet soda every day and not a regular soda," said Hannah Gardener, an epidemiologist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Gardener to present her research at the International Stroke Conference 2011 in Los Angeles on Wednesday (9 / 2). Previous studies of other teams say that drinking more than one can of soft drink every day, whether regular or diet soda, more likely than non-drinkers to have metabolic syndrome.

That is a group of risk factors for high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides (blood fats), low levels of good cholesterol, high blood sugar and a large waist. Metabolic syndrome is, in turn, increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Gardener cs observe soda drinking habits of 2564 people registered in the Northern Manhattan Study (NOMAS) to see if anything to do with stroke. The participants average 69 years old and fill out questionnaires about the types of soda they drink and how often.

During pengaajian nine years, recorded 559 vascular events, including strokes caused by bleeding and those caused by clotting, known as ischemic stroke.

The researchers have considered a number of factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, physical activity, caloric intake, smoking and alcohol drinking habits, and from there still find evidence that those who drink diet soda every day - compared with those who drank no soda - 61 percent more likely to experience vascular events.

The researchers then watched to see the possibility of metabolic syndrome, blood vessel disease in the legs and a history of heart disease, and it turns out the relationship between drinking diet soda for stroke is still strong, although the figure dropped to 48 percent.

Although studies have found a possible link between drinking diet soda and the risk of stroke, but do not indicate causality.


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