Monday, October 17, 2011

White Blood Cells (leukocytes)

White Blood Cells (leukocytes), White blood cells (leucocytes) color nodes, larger ones if compared with red blood cells (erythrocytes), but there are more a little. These cells contain a nucleus is split in many and protoplasmanya grain, because it's called a bulleted cells (granulocytes).

White Blood Cells (leukocytes), Topenia granulosi deficiency called granulocytes. What is the function of white blood cells? Granulocytes and monocytes have important role body protection against germs. with ability as phagocytes (fago means I eat), they eat live bacteria that enter the blood circulation. at the time perform this function, they are called phagocytes. With the power of movement amuboidnya he can move freely in and get out vessels blood and walked around the entire body.

In this way he can:
a) the surrounding areas affected by the infection
b) Capturing live germs memborbardirnya
c) Getting rid of other materials such as dirt.

Granulocytes also have enzymes that break down proteins, which possible damage to living tissues, destroy and discard it. In this way the sick or injured tissue can be removed and healing is possible. As a result of work of the phagocytic blood cells white, inflammation can be stopped at all. If the activity is not managed properly, it can form pus. Pus contains the "corpse" from germs. Phagocytes are killed in the fight against germs that burst, called pus cells.


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