Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prevent Blindness with Stem Cell

Prevent Blindness with Stem Cell, A major breakthrough in the medical world will take place at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, England, later this year. Namely, treatment trials with the help of visual impairment aka stem cell stem cells.

Prevent Blindness with Stem Cell, That's after last Thursday 22 September, Advanced Cell Technology, a biotechnology company from the United States who have long applied for the trial using these methods, admitted that he had given the green light. As reported by the Daily Mail yesterday, permission was granted a medical regulatory authority in the UK.

There will be 12 patients in their teens to 20s who have agreed to follow the trial. Their identity is kept secret. To be sure, the 12 people it is people with Stargardt disease, a disease that causes decreased vision loss in one's teens.

They will be operated alternately. The first patient to be operated on later this year, Advanced Cell Technology said in their official release, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

In short, the operation was done by injecting millions of embryonic stem cell that has been converted into retinal cells into the back of the eye. Operations per patient expected to last for one hour.

The main focus is on testing the safety factor, not effectiveness. However, if the trial, subsequent trials will be conducted on animals showing phenomenal results, we can be sure the lives of millions of people will be very helpful.

Therefore, any small improvement in terms of vision, will lead to someone who is experiencing vision problems can perform simple activities of daily. For example, reading.

Especially for the 12 patients who underwent trials, the Advanced Cell Technology refused to explain how likely the operation will succeed. Because, all of them already in the acute stage.

In fact, the goal of treatment through stem cells is later is to help those who are new in the early stages of visual impairment. Namely, to prevent them from experiencing total blindness.

Such treatment will also projected to help those who are blind because of diabetes. Or, the elderly residents who began to lose vision due to aging. For the latter, estimated operation can be done next year.

"If we managed to slow the loss of vision alone, it already includes tremendous progress," said James Bainbridge that this trial will lead to the Daily Mail.

Support also came from Oxford University expert eye surgery Robert McLaren. "Stem cells do have great potential to cure blindness," he said.

However, as is generally the treatment using stem cells, there is always a controversy that accompanies. "It is unacceptable for human embryos are destroyed for the sake of healing a disease," said Josephine Quintavalle, of pro-life activists from Comment on Reproductive.


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