Monday, October 17, 2011

Circulation of Lymph Nodes

Circulation of Lymph Nodes, Lymph vessels called lymph vessels. These vessels starting from the networks that collect lymph fluid from the cells and tissues. All the lymphatic drainage from the head, neck, chest, lungs, heart, and right arm were collected in vessels of the spleen and united into the right lymphatic vessels or lymph ducts dekster. These lymph vessels empty into the veins below the right clavicle

Circulation of Lymph Nodes, All the lymph fluid collected from other parts of the lymph vessels (spleen) and united into lymph vessels or ducts toradiskus chest and empties into the veins (venous) under the left collarbone. The chest is the place empties spleen vessels or vessels kil fat, namely that collect fatty acids are absorbed from the intestine. Because of this fat, then the white lymphatic drainage. Spleen channel system is closely related to the circulatory system. The blood leaving the heart through the arteries (arterial) and returned through the veins (venous).

The composition of the spleen is similar to plasma but with a smaller protein content. Lymph glands adds lymphocytes in lymph vessels, making it a very large number of cells in the spleen channel. In the lymph vessels there are no other cells. Lymph vessels in the channel is driven by the contraction of muscles surrounding the spleen and in some channels which were aided by the movement of the valve..


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