Thursday, October 27, 2011

Respiratory system disorders and diseases

Respiratory system disorders and diseases, Infections of the respiratory tract is much more common than infections in other organ systems, and range from regular salesma with symptoms and disorders are relatively mild to severe pneumonia.

Respiratory system disorders and diseases, Various types of infection by germs can attack the respiratory equipment, ranging from the nose to the lungs. Nasal infection caused by influenza viruses with symptoms of nasal congestion or the amount of mucus; swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity can cause a blockage. If the infection extends to back ofthe nasopharynx until it can sometimes clogs the Eustachius estuary channel associated with the middle ear cavity. Have you ever had a cold sore is accompanied by interference and noise "Grebeg-Grebeg"? This means that you suffer inflammation of the nose extending to the nasopharynx and invade the base of the larynx or throat. The main symptoms are sore throat, especially on swallowing, coughing and can interfere with the vocal cords vibrate, so change the sound became hoarse.

If the attacks of bronchial infection, the diseases suffered is called bronchitis. This disease may provide symptoms of coughing accompanied by mucus .Moderate infection that attacks the lungs often caused by bacteria cocci and tuberculosis. Inflammation-pneumonia called pnemoni. Because many alveoli filled by mucus, then the patient often complains of shortness of breath. Lack of oxygen can cause the color blue in the face of the patient pnemoni childhood.


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