Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Health Problems in Dry Season

3 Health Problems in Dry SeasonThe dry season is hot enough to have a distinct advantage for those who are fond of traveling or do not like the rain caught outside during the move. However, just as the rainy season, which often triggers a number of diseases, dry season could also lead to the same thing so that it can inhibit the activity.

3 Health Problems in Dry SeasonOnly, the summer can be less happy to come over to the form of the disease. She Knows cited, at least four issues that need attention to health in this season:

Migraine and headache. Two diseases that make them feel uncomfortable head may feel more painful in the summer. Migraines and headaches for some people there were more frequent and chronic. Both can occur with frequent starts squinting into the sun.

Intake of ultraviolet rays and excessive heat makes the body susceptible to fatigue. As a result, the muscles become very tense in the face and head began to feel dizzy. Sweat pouring too fast can also be a cause of migraines, nausea, and vomiting. So, use umbrellas, sunglasses, or hats when outside to minimize the problem. And, try to always drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

Fungal infections. Fungi can grow in various places on the body. Body that is too damp with sweat triggers the growth of bacteria and fungi. Skin, feet, skin folds, to the pubic area can be a fertile place to grow mushrooms. If there are signs your body is exposed to fungal infection sebagaiknya treated immediately.

Prevention, immediately change clothes, pants, or whatever you wear when becomes too moist. Can also use an antifungal powder before wearing socks AAU.

Diseases caused by food poisoning. Summer is a situation that supports the acceleration of the process of food spoilage. So, if you have red meat, salad, milk, poultry meat, and so on, do check first that the quality of the food before eating them.

Food poisoning can come up with a lot of risk. For example, diarrhea, impaired body functions, until death.


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