Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ability to Protect Skin Body

Ability to Protect Skin Body, The skin is relatively impenetrable water, in the sense that that avoids the loss of fluid from the tissues and also prevented the entry of water into the tissues, such as when the body submerged in water. Epidermis (the epidermis) preclude injury to the structure beneath it and therefore covers the ends of the end of sensory nerves in the skin hides (dermis) then kulti reduce pain.
Ability to Protect Skin Body, The burn is an injury to the body tissues due to denaturation of tissue proteins or chemicals (acids, bases). Burns can occur on the skin, mucous membranes, respiratory and digestive tract. Symptoms include pain, swelling red, blistered due to increased vascular permeability. But severe burns can be life threatening because of the following:

a. hypovolemic shock
Decreased blood volume due to increased vascular permeability, water, protein, and minerals will come out to where the burn and the body will dehydrate. Hypovolemic shock can also result in anuri (urine production stopped).
b. infection
Occurs when the epidermis in burns peeling. Dead tissue and wet atmosphere is ideal for breeding bacteria, so the infection is often difficult to treat burns.
c. respiratory disorders
Occurs when smoke or heat toxins inhaled lung, or there is damage to the respiratory tract resulting in failure of the respiratory system function.


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