Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pollution hazard Big Cities For ChildrenPollution hazard Big Cities For Children

Pollution hazard Big Cities For ChildrenEven though it looks more modern, children who live in big cities have a greater risk of allergy. Health experts say children Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Michigan, United States, the tendency was increased by two fold.

Pollution hazard Big Cities For ChildrenAs reported MediaIndonesia.com, Sunday June 17, 2012, the results showed allergies arise from physically vulnerable children who are exposed to pollution from an early age. 

Unlike the case with children who live in rural areas, which are closer to the trees and clean air. Their immune system is trained from the air and environment more friendly.

Of studies, children who lived with his parents in big cities suffer from various allergic symptoms of itching, red rash on the skin, swollen face, until the health condition can be life threatening.

"We are committed to find the best cure for food allergies and this study provides additional information about why some people develop allergies and why others do not," said researcher Mary Jane Food Allergy Initiative Marchisotto


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