Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seven Unhealthy Eating Habits in Children

Seven Unhealthy Eating Habits in ChildrenGiving a child candy or chocolate to fruits and vegetables spend even a bad effect, Obesity in children has now become one of health problems difficult to solve without a proper solution. Was the responsibility of parents to teach them healthy eating habits to the baby from an early age.

Seven Unhealthy Eating Habits in ChildrenArrangements and the introduction of diet will affect their health. There are some unhealthy eating habits that need to be avoided, as quoted from Bangstyle.

A. Food spending to clean dishes

In general, healthy children will eat when they feel hungry and stop before satiety. But many parents are not aware of this mess by teaching children to spend the food until a clean plate.

This will make the child can eat up too full. Should provide the appropriate portions for children, not too little nor too much.

2. Candy or chocolate as a gift

Already it is common for most parents persuade their children to want to eat fruits or vegetables with a "bribe" or gifts given to sweet desserts such as candy, chocolate ice cream and so forth.

This is of course not good for you indirectly teach children to think that sweet foods are the most delicious food rather than a main meal. As a result, the child will get used to eating a sweet dessert after they eat a healthy balanced diet.

3. Provide a snack too much

Providing snacks to the children too much will make the kids have plenty of bread that does not contain the nutrients for their bodies, so that they will refuse to eat healthy foods. In addition, snacking habits in children is also of course will lead to obesity.

4. Excess calories from beverages

Beverages such as sodas, canned juices and smoothies that are easily found everywhere high in calories and does not provide any vitamins or nutrients to the body. Therefore make it a habit to give your child plain water, milk or juice made at home.

5. Give them what they want

When a child refuses to eat food that is available and just whining to eat his favorite foods like junk food, you should be firm and do not always comply with their request with the reason you do not want them to bed hungry.

Teach children to distinguish between healthy food and what is not. However, it does not matter if you occasionally give them what they want. But you have to keep watching.

6. Let the children too long in front of the screen

Not limit the time a child in front of the screen can also have an impact on their weight. Do not allow children a day in front of the screen such as watching television, playing video games or computers. Avoid using television or other media to be the center of attention at the time your child is eating and chatting with you.

7. Ignoring bedtime

Lack of sleep can lead to the desire to snack and eat more than usual because they require extra energy intake to not fall asleep. Therefore, set the hours your child to sleep 8-9 hours every day.


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