Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prevention of protein-energy malnutrition

Prevention of protein-energy malnutrition, Protein-energy malnutrition is caused by multifactorial interrelated synergistic clinical and environmental or community. prevention include all factors simultaneously and consistently. Although the lack of protein energy can not be fully eradicated, without having to wait,
can be immediately implemented several measures to address the situation:

Prevention of protein-energy malnutrition, 1. Controlling infectious diseases, especially diarrheal:
(a) Sanitation: personal, especially food and environmental equipment.
(b) Education: Elementary, Health and Nutrition
(c) Immunization Program
(d) Prevention of diseases closely with the environment include: tuberculosis,
mosquitoes (malaria, DHF), parasites (worms).

2) Minimize the impact of infectious diseases, especially diarrhea in the region
a sanitary environment has not been good. Diarrhea is a disease
endemo-epidemic that became one of the causes of malnutrition. Initial dehydration and re-feeding as soon as possible is the prevention for avoid infant malnutrition or protein-energy malnutrition.

3) Early detection and management of protein-energy malnutrition early or mild:
(a) Monitor the growth and development and nutritional status of children continuously.
For example with benchmarks KMS.
(b) Special attention to the factors "high risk" of influence
continuity of nutritional status (among other things: poverty, ignorance, the
infectious diseases).

4) Maintain the child's nutritional status
(a) Starting in the womb, pregnant women with good nutrition, which
expected to be having a baby with a good nutritional status as well.
(b) immediately after birth were given breast milk exclusively until the age of 4 or 6 the month.
(c) The provision of supplementary food nutritious breast milk, ranging in age from 4 or 6 months gradually until the child can receive a complete menu of the family.
(d) Extend the duration of breastfeeding (lactation prologue) for mothers and babies


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