Saturday, November 5, 2011


Pharynx, Pharynx (larynx) is located behind the nose, mouth and throat. Pharynx in the form of a cone-shaped channels of muscular membrane material with the widest part on the top and runs from the base of the throat up to the height of the sixth cervical vertebra, which is the height of cricoid cartilage, where the pharynx continuous with the esophagus.

Pharynx, Pharynx length about 7 cm. Pharynx at the top of the section, namely:
1. Naso pharynx, behind the nose. on the wall in this area there are holes
eustakius channel. Adenoid glands terdapt the naso pharynx.
2. Pharynx oralis, located behind the mouth. Both tonsils on the lateral
wall of the pharynx is.

3. Laryngeal pharynx, is the lowest part located in the larynx. In the pharynx there are 7 holes, two of the channels eustakius, 2 parts posterior nostril is behind the nasal cavity, mouth, larynx and Esophageal.


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