Sunday, July 24, 2011

Healing Caesarean Section

healing Caesarean section, In principle the process of wound healing after surgery due to injury which there are 3 kinds: first is the initial process (lage phase) phase beginning. This process takes between day 3 to day 7. The second is the proliferation phase process that takes between day 8 to day 14.

Healing Caesarean section, While the third phase is the remodeling phase that requires time between the day-to-14 to more than day-to-21. Surgical wound healing in principle can not be accelerated. What can be done is to keep the infection does not occur as a complication of the effect of a suppurating wound that makes the wound healing process becomes longer or not as expected as the theory above.

To avoid infection, both the health workers who treat patients and patients themselves need to maintain sterility including hand hygiene in treating wounds occurred. As for complaints of vomiting and dizziness usually due to anemia. To ensure this you should first check the blood.


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