Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Causes of palpitations

Causes of palpitations, Heart palpitations can be daunting, especially if it happens a lot. This can be a mild heart problem, but if you experience almost several times a day, you should seek medical attention. For you to find out what causes heart palpitations, continue to read as follows:

Causes of palpitations, When the heart beats faster which should normally that is when you know you are having palpitations. You'll see your heart skip beats or racing. This happens even if you do not like strenuous activity. Patients will find it is at rest or sit, and would suddenly feel the strong beating heart without reason. Which may occur occasionally, and then stop.

Sometimes, the heart palpitations are caused by a panic disorder. People who have high anxiety or panic disorder may have experienced irregular heartbeats. This is actually caused by the reaction of the body as people feel like they are in stressful situations. This can happen anytime. Having a panic attack is not so serious, but if it causes frequent heart palpitations, then it is a time when it becomes very dangerous. People who experience panic attacks should consult with a therapist for them to cure their disease.

Anemia is one cause of heart palpitations. It is a condition where the hemoglobin in the blood of patients are not properly carry oxygen throughout the nervous system. This occurs when the body iron deficiency. The disease can be cured by taking iron supplements regularly and by eating healthy foods. If left untreated, can turn into more serious blood diseases.

Another cause heart palpitations because of heart-related problems. One example of this is arrhythmia which is a condition in which the patient's beating heart is often different and should be. Type of the disease should consult a doctor depending on the severity. Another is the question of the heart valves in the heart. If they do not open or close properly, can cause the heart to beat in our hearts and even worse if not treated immediately.

The drugs also can contribute to heart palpitations. Some herbal supplements lead to palpitations. This is one of the side effects of taking herbal remedies. If you are having problems with some of your medications, always ask your doctor told you. That way, he can prescribe another drug that you can use instead of them.

It causes heart palpitations are a few of the many others that can trigger the heartbeat. Make sure you stay away from things that cause your irregular heartbeat.


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