Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diet Method for Blood type "O"

Diet Method for Blood type "O", Diet based on blood type was first introduced by Dr. Peter JD'Adamo in his book, "Eat Right For You Type" saying that that everyone has a different response to food intake based on blood type you have, that's why certain types of diets can not be applied to everyone.

Diet Method for Blood type "O", Some of the benefits of following the blood type diet is such a stable emotional condition, easy to deal with stress, endurance increases, so do not get sick

Dr. Peter JD'Adamo doing research for years on every type of blood and the results show that there are physiological effects of lectins would appear that enters the body

Lectins are proteins of food absorbed by the body, according to him only fit with certain blood types. If the food is lektinnya not match the blood type would lead to dangers such as clumping of red blood cells that lead to a variety of health complaints

Based on these results Dr. Peter JD'Adamo doing research by checking each type of blood reactions to certain foods and make a list of foods suitable for each blood type, then it also classifies foods based on race, because he thought the blood type of each race is different because the neighborhood.

Evolutionary history
According to Drs. Peter JD'Adamo based on the evolutionary history of approximately 50,000 to 25,000 years BC, the ancestors of humans have the same blood group "O". They are true hunters who always eat meat hunting results, that's what Dr. Peter JD'Adamo suggested that the owner of O blood group consume more foods high in protein, low carbohydrate diet followed by lots of eating meat or fish but avoid dairy products and wheat
Owner blood type O are free to consume meat and fish mixed with olive oil, but it is free to consume eggs, nuts, but should limit fruit. While the food should be completely avoided is a cereal, various types of pasta and rice, to get the maximum recommended stamina to perform aerobic exercise movements like the movement of the hunters.

Typical Characteristics Blood Type O
Having a system kekebaln higher body than other blood types, adaptable to a variety of foods in an environment that is occupied to deal with stress are advised to do aerobic

It is recommended to consume foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates such as meat, fruit, fish, vegetables. When the food consumed is not appropriate then the risk for diseases caused by inflammation and damage to organs such as arthritis.

Avoid eating the types of wheat, corn, beans, cabbage, cabbage, kecamba, mustard, green vegetables, cauliflower, red beans.

Plant foods that help form a large and powerful marine, seafood, salt, red meat, broccoli, spinach, kale, liver. Do not miss to supplement, vitamin B, vitamin K, calcium, iodine, cinnamon, support physical exercise such as aerobics, martial arts, jogging

Diet Menu Favorites

2 slices of toast a single layer of butter + banana

Interlude Before Lunch
Herbal tea

A piece of roast beef spinach salad + apple +

Afternoon Snack
A piece of cake

A piece of lamb and asparagus boiled potatoes fruit herbal tea


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